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Chef Automate “High Availability” (HA) will be made generally available (GA) in June 2022

Karunesh Kumar Ankur Mundhra

We are migrating our Elastic Search to Open Search on This blog post covers the details about the impact and our maintenance window.

Mark Cavins

A DevOps Checklist for Managing Your Endpoint Devices

Sudeep Charles

See how Chef InSpec can be used to test infrastructure, security, and compliance policies across heterogeneous IT estates.

Anugraha Benjamin

The TapHere and Chef Progress partnership enable federal organizations to benefit from deep government sector expertise, leveraging proven DevSecOps automation technology known for its continuous secure applications and infrastructure delivery.

Manasa C R

Chef Automate will discontinue the use of Elasticsearch and use OpenSearch instead for search and analytics functionalities.

Karunesh Kumar

DevSecOps accelerates the pace of digital transformation. In practice, DevSecOps is meant to be a collaboration between development, security, and operations; it aims to automate the integration of security into every phase of the software development lifecycle. Policy as Code benefits organizations from Accuracy to Validation and how it can successfully be implemented, and how to reduce cost and save time by minimizing the need to repeat a process to address security issues after the fact.

Michelle Sebek

DevSecOps accelerates the pace of digital transformation. But what is DevSecOps? Developers + Security + Operations. It’s a big deal because it directly impacts speed and security. Your development teams adopting the DevSecOps philosophy secure code faster, more secure, cheaper, and better.

Michelle Sebek

Reducing network calls from cloud resources to cloud providers.