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Automation has made it possible for organizations to innovate and iterate with unparalleled velocity, and manage rapidly expanding environments with the push of a button. These benefits, however, come hand in hand with a new set of challenges that must be addressed in order for that velocity to be sustainable long term.

Nick Rycar

After today (Feb 3, 2020), Apple requires notarization for all software installed on macOS Catalina. Chef has been working to make sure our software is compatible with these required changes and we expect little to no customer impact. You will see these changes roll out starting today for Chef Workstation.

Jon Morrow

Chef Automate provides DevOps teams a dashboard for complete operational visibility across large-scale or mission-critical infrastructure. This comprehensive visibility allows developers, operators, and security engineers to collaborate on delivering application and infrastructure changes at the speed of business.

Natalie Fisher

Patrick is a Consultant at tecRacer Group (a trusted Chef partner) and has more than 3 years of experience with Chef.   tecRacer is proud to announce their first Germany Chef Usergroup. It does not matter if you are new, just interested, or a professional Chef user.

Patrick Schaumburg

Chef Habitat provides automation capabilities for defining, packaging, and delivering applications to almost any environment with any operating system, on any platform. Over the last year, we’ve seen organizations like Alaska Airlines, Rakuten, Walmart, and Rizing address a broad range of application delivery automation challenges with Habitat.

Mike Krasnow

Registration for ChefConf 2020 is now open. Join us in Seattle or London (or both) this June!

Mandi Walls

ChefConf 2020 will be the best gathering of the Chef Community yet. We rely on our community to help us see all the amazing use cases for our products and help us make them better.

Mandi Walls

The deadline for the ChefConf 2020 CFP is coming up fast! We know you have lots of great ideas out there for submissions, so make sure to get those in. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to tell your story to the Chef Community this June in Seattle or London!

Mandi Walls

Okay, okay, okay. You know the ChefConf 2020 CFP is open. We’ve kinda been reminding you pretty regularly, right?  So hopefully you’ve taken the time to submit something. Lots of folks have, and thank you! Maybe you’re still not sure what you could talk about at ChefConf?

Mandi Walls