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Hitting the Road with Learn Chef Rally Are you concerned with securing systems and ensuring changes do not open security holes? Do you want to avoid having your changes rejected in security review or having to redo the work?

Alan Baptista

The Learn Chef Rally team is celebrating a major milestone, and you’re invited to party with us!

Jody Wolfborn

In our most recent webinar, Cloud Security Assessment for AWS Instances, we took a look at how Chef can help to secure environments in Amazon Web Services.

Nick Rycar

To meet the demands of an ever more connected world, executing on a comprehensive cloud strategy has become a critical component for organizations at any scale.

Nick Rycar

During a webinar delivered by Chef’s SVP of Products and Engineering Corey Scobie, the following five common practices used by DevOps high performers were described: Adopt a coded approach Make it easy to work with code Use the right tool for the right job Enable one way to production Shift risk mitigation left During the […]

Heather Peyton

IT security can feel like an endless war against the unknown. Especially when your big old comfortable monolith with one access point gets spread out into a million small microservice pieces all over the place. Securing distributed systems is a challenge that requires constant vigilance and attention to detail.

Mandi Walls

More than 10 years ago Chef ushered in the era of DevOps with the introduction of Chef, the “infrastructure as code” tool. Fundamental to the success of Chef was the belief that “the best way to build software is to do it in close collaboration with the people who use it.

Heather Peyton

Hi there, Chef Friends! As you know, the best place to learn all aspects of Chef – from Chef Infra, to Chef Habitat, and Chef InSpec – is Learn Chef Rally!

Brian Turner

We are excited to announce that today we have officially launched our Contributor Entitlement program.  At the core, our goal is to recognize the Community’s many contributions and continue to help enable our contributors to use the very software they are helping to build.

Corey Scobie