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The days where we wondered whether or not our organization would choose to migrate workloads to the cloud are long behind us. Today the question is not if we’ll move these workloads, but how many, and how quickly we can do so.

Nick Rycar

Dear Members of the Chef Community, Now that the buzz from closing out 2018 and Chef Rally (our annual all company kick-off) has died down, I wanted to share a quick update on Chef, along with a glimpse into the amazing opportunity that lies ahead for the company and our community. First of all, 2018.

Barry Crist

The 0.74.0 release introduces a new hook to package authors: the install hook. The install hook runs when a package is first installed. This hook is unique in that it runs outside of a service or census context.

Matt Wrock

The truth about attending “corporate” events is that there needs to be a way to justify  WHY you need to be there. Some reasons you can use are the amazing workshops and breakout sessions that will give you new tools and knowledge to drive the team and business forward.

Matt Lyman

Hello, friendly Habicats! We will be refreshing the Base Plans of Core Plans on Tuesday, January 29th. Let’s go over what this means for us and, more important, what it means for you. Base Plans 101 Currently, there are about 600 Habitat plans under the Core Origin on Builder.

Scott Macfarlane

In case you haven’t already been exposed to the awesomeness of ChefConf, there are a couple key things to expect: learning, networking, and, most importantly of all, FUN!

Matt Lyman

Any time there is a televised sporting event in Seattle you can be certain that you will see someone throwing a fish, you will hear about coffee, they will show you the Space Needle, and they will go to commercial playing hits by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, or Soundgarden. And we love it.

Matt Lyman

Throughout 2018, we published monthly community updates to summarize valuable new features & and developments in Chef’s open source projects (Chef, Habitat and InSpec) as well as ecosystem tools & content like Test Kitchen, Foodcritic, Supermarket, Habitat core plans, and InSpec profiles & plugins.

Julian Dunn

Chef is pleased to announce that we have achieved official Center for Internet Security certification for Chef Automate and InSpec for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (Server Levels 1 and 2) and Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmarks, Level 1.

Julian Dunn