Latest Stories

At ChefConf 2018 in May, we announced the availability of InSpec in Azure Cloud Shell, allowing users to run InSpec scans anywhere they can connect from their Azure subscription. All without ever needing to install software on their local machine.

Trevor Hess

InSpec by Chef is a powerful “compliance as code” tool powered by an ever growing number of compliance profiles and target resources. It enables users to achieve continuous compliance across their IT environments.

Davy McAleer

We have some exciting news! Chef is introducing a series of short videos for Habitat on YouTube: Getting Started with Habitat. This playlist focuses on Habitat – including getting started, core concepts, and practical tips.

Brian Turner

We are very pleased to announce the results from Chef’s 2018 State of Applications Survey. Earlier this year, we partnered with Dimensional Research to survey 347 applications and IT operations professionals worldwide on the topic of application build and release processes.

Julian Dunn

Today is 10 years from the day that Chef became a company (at the time, as OpsCode). What started as a consulting company with many of my best friends (Nathan Haneysmith, Barry Steinglass, and Joshua Timberman, our first employee), eventually became the Chef we all know and love.

Adam Jacob

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve released our first app in the ServiceNow store: Chef Automate Incident Creation.

James Casey

Today we are excited to support the launch of Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server).

Vikram Ghosh

Businesses today are in the process of augmenting or even shutting down their data centers, and moving into the public cloud. As customers  move their services into Azure or other cloud providers, they quickly confronted by a breadth of questions some of which are listed below.

Trevor Hess

When we announced the Chef Board of Governance (CBGB) in late 2015, our aims were to: Provide a forum for individuals, users, and companies to discuss the issues within the CBGB Scope. Provide guidance and input to Leadership, and where possible, present a consistent and consolidated opinion from the broader Chef community.

Nathen Harvey