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Chef enables organizations to deliver secure, hardened infrastructure and applications to nearly any environment. We do this by providing an easy-to-use framework for expressing security and compliance policies as code that can be easily integrated as part of automated DevOps workflows.

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Use CSI and DISA STIGs Benchmarks

System hardening prevents cyberattacks and is enabled by reducing vulnerabilities in servers, applications, firmware, deployment in the cloud, and other areas. This results with the assistance of infrastructure and security management tools that help audit all systems, detect potential attack vectors and minimize the attack surface.

The risk of cyberattacks on companies is very high due to new servers, users, or applications being installed and added. This creates chances of cyberattacks being more prone. With Chef Compliance you can make IT ecosystems compliant and secure.


Types of System Hardening

Server hardening

Software hardening

Operating systems hardening

Database hardening

Network hardening

Center for Internet Security Benchmarks

Leverage CHEF CIS* aligned benchmarks as the code base and automates security policies for systems on-premises and in the cloud. Reduce security risk, enforce, and maintain regulatory policies across your infrastructure.

*Center for Internet Security {CIS} is the gold standard for system configuration.





System Hardening with Chef for a Secure IT Infrastructure

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Harden Your Systems Using CIS and DISA STIGs Benchmarks

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Harden Your Systems and Reduce Vulnerabilities


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