Effortless Infrastructure Suite Easily Maintain Consistent, Compliant, and Secure Infrastructure

Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite offers visibility into security and compliance status across all infrastructure and makes it easy to detect and correct issues long before they reach production.

Effortless Infrastructure Suite in Practice

Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite translates infrastructure configuration and compliance policies into code, helping enterprises detect and correct potential security issues at scale. With continuous visibility into compliance status, organizations are always audit-ready and can quickly respond to vulnerabilities as they arise.

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Common Use Cases

Enter Audits with Confidence

Detect noncompliance across your entire fleet, quickly correct any found issues, then automate configuration to avoid compliance gaps going forward. Enter an audit with confidence knowing your compliance status before an auditor does.

Avoid Costly Security Issues

Test for security and compliance early in the development process when problems are easiest and least expensive to fix. Avoid the costs and risks of deploying insecure infrastructure to production.

Harden Infrastructure

Ensure infrastructure remains consistent, compliant, and secure over its lifetime in even the most complex, heterogenous, and large scale environments. Apply CIS-certified profiles to continuously test for weaknesses and remediate when needed.

Infrastructure Without Worry

Competing in the digital age demands velocity, and no organization can move fast when burdened by infrastructure that’s difficult to change and secure. Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite makes it easy to harden any infrastructure and maintain the visibility and control needed to move quickly and confidently.

From Burdensome Infrastructure

  • Manual, custom system configurations
  • No visibility into compliance status
  • Pre-production security scans that cause costly rework
  • Different tools and processes for different infrastructure
  • Painful audits that drain valuable resources

To Effortless Infrastructure

  • Automated configuration defined in code
  • Continuous compliance visibility
  • Security tests embedded in the delivery process
  • Automation across any heterogeneous infrastructure
  • Painless audits on demand

Benefits of Effortless Infrastructure

1. Unify Infra and SecOps workflows

Allow security and infrastructure teams to work hand-in-hand to solve enterprise issues at scale

2. Gain Continuous Compliances

Automate the detection and correction of policy violations and make audits a breeze

3. Deploy Confidently and Consistently

Create reliable systems that self-audit and -repair based on the needs of the enterprise

4. Respond to Audits with Speed

Save time and effort during the audit cycle with pre-built compliance profiles that scan enterprise systems and provide actionable reports

5. Remediate 0-Day Vulnerabilities

Respond to 0-day vulnerabilities with agility, identifying and remediating affected systems in minutes instead of days

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Effortlessly Maintain Compliance and Configuration Standards

Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite continuously gathers data about enterprise systems using a standardized language and data format that clearly maps to the compliance controls auditors care about. It then allows enterprises to automate the enforcement and remediation of those controls using versionable, testable, and repeatable code.

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Effortlessly Maintain Compliance and Configuration Standards

Reduce Audit Pain with Continuous Compliance

See how financial services IT operations, compliance, and security teams turn their compliance and security policy requirements into automated tests and reduce the time spent on compliance activities.

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Effortlessly Maintain Compliance and Configuration Standards

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