Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee

Chef Wins Tech Impact Award from Seattle Business Magazine

Seattle is now a technology epicenter — the growth of tech in Seattle brought roughly nine new jobs and seven new people every hour in 2015. You can see it in the cranes peppered throughout the city and you can feel it as a renewed energy is bringing the Pacific Northwest tech community to life.

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Rule the cloud with Chef and Windows Server 2016

Chef has a long history of collaborating with Microsoft Corp. to help enterprise organizations migrate to the cloud and automate Microsoft Azure environments. We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished together and excited about what’s next. This week we have a large Chef team on the ground at Microsoft Ignite.

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ALDO – Agile Lean DevOps Outcomes

It’s no secret that DevOps is taking the enterprise by storm. In a recent RightScale survey, more than 80 percent of the enterprise and 70 percent of SMBs are adopting DevOps. At its core, DevOps is about building and delivering quality software at scale.

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How Chef is Adding Culture to the Cloud

At Chef, our culture is key to our success. Our executives lead with compassion and transparency; our employees are passionate and understanding. Afterall, the secret of DevOps is that it’s always been about people. And our culture reinforces our business model in a positive cycle. Last week we were honored to be named the No.

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Speed AND Safety: No Longer at Odds

Today in IT, the need to maintain security and governance is often at odds with the imperative to move quickly. At this year’s ChefConf, compliance and security were topics of much discussion among presenters and attendees alike.

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The Community Talks DevOps & Open Source at ChefConf

The Chef Community  came alive at ChefConf in Austin last week with more than 1,500 passionate DevOps leaders, practitioners, and innovators meeting to talk infrastructure, applications, automation and driving business value through IT. Our CEO Barry Crist took the stage to talk about what it means to ship ideas in today’s modern workplace.

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Chef Unveils New Flagship Product Chef Automate

New Commercial Offering Unifies How Modern Application Teams Collaborate to Automate Software Delivery at Speed and Scale AUSTIN, TX – July 12, 2016 – From ChefConf 2016, Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, today announced Chef Automate, its new commercial offering that gives businesses unprecedented control and collaboration across the entire software delivery process.

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Chef Launches Certification and Training Program Amid Increasing Demand for DevOps Skills

New Certification Program Provides Developers, System Administrators, and IT Professionals with Automation Skills at the Core of DevOps AUSTIN, TX – July 12, 2016 – From ChefConf 2016, Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, today announced the Chef Certification Program, providing IT practitioners with the tools and resources necessary to build modern automation expertise.

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Chef Helps MSN Accelerate Application Deployment by 50 Percent

Leader in Online Media Automates Services Management and Deployment Across Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Achieving Greater Development Velocity SEATTLE – July 6, 2016 – Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, today announced MSN is using the Chef IT automation platform to configure and deploy applications throughout its large-scale Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

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Chef Launches Habitat, New Open Source Project to Automate Applications

After Nine Months in Stealth Development, First of Its Kind Open Source Project Packages Automation with the Application for Deployment Anywhere, from Bare Metal to Containers SEATTLE – June 14, 2016 – Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, today announced Habitat, an open source project that introduces a new approach for application automation.

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