Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee

ChefConf Session Spotlight – Putting the Dev in DevOps

Continuing our series of ChefConf Session Spotlights, today we’re profiling Charity Majors — Awesome Chef and Chef Board of Governance member. Charity has been using Chef for four-plus years and is currently trying to make the world safe for machine data as co-founder and CTO of Hound.

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Secure Your Enterprise By Treating Compliance as Code

Regulatory compliance and security concerns are facts of life for every enterprise. Businesses are facing increased scrutiny in a world where data breaches and security hacks happen every other day. Companies need to be agile in order to respond to attacks, but the average business takes 256 days to find compromises!

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ChefConf Session Spotlight – The Softer Side Of DevOps

We’re seven weeks from ChefConf, the huge community reunion open to everyone that celebrates our vibrant and passionate community. We’re busy preparing an invigorating blend of technology and local Austin experiences to energize everyone attending.

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The Role of Tech Culture and Community in Seattle

The technological revolution is here. It’s sweeping the nation, and Seattle is no exception to the overwhelming takeover of startups, developers, engineers and entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams in fulfilling careers in healthcare, government, education, travel, and more. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce just released a study ranking and evaluating how 25 U.S.

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The ROI of Culture

Culture is vital in building any successful business — it impacts employee retention, performance and revenue. Given culture’s significance, it’s surprising how often it is relegated to an initiative, usually driven by HR and given a catchy title to imply inclusiveness, great perks or diversity. There is no denying these initiatives can be important. But in our industry, culture is our product.

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Watch: Why DevOps Won’t Automate You Out of a Job

As automation lightens the load on IT operations personnel, and the DevOps cultural shift brings dev and ops together, people from managers to sys admins may be worrying about their jobs. Furthermore, as DevOps takes hold, other roles in the organization are set to transform.

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Artifact Uprising takes 5 Billion Images to AWS w/DualSpark and Chef

Our friends (and certified partners) at DualSpark (a Datapipe company) do tremendous work providing solutions for moving to, and getting the most from, AWS. Recently the team at VSCO Artifact Uprising (looking to turn your Instagram feed into a gorgeous lookbook?

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DevOps is a Career Bet – Are You Willing to take it?

DevOps is permeating the enterprise. And as we at Chef have often espoused, it’s both a technical and professional movement. At the helm of the professional side are careers – DevOps changes career paths. It alters job functions. While DevOps has been cited as one of the most lucrative technical professions – Dice.

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Chef Makes DevOps Workflow Faster and Safer for Enterprises Amid Rapid Business Growth

New Chef Delivery Product Enhancements Come as Company’s Annual Recurring Revenue Grows 94 Percent Year-over-Year in 2015 and Chef Nears 1,000 Customers SEATTLE – March 10, 2016 – Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, today introduced Dependency Management, a new feature of its Chef Delivery product, that enables faster and safer developer collaboration by […]

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Chef talks security with Federal Trade Commission on Feb. 9

We’re big proponents of bringing compliance and security into the development process early and often. As it turns out, so is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). During the FTC’s “Start with Security” event in Seattle, our own Julian Dunn will join panelists from DocuSign and Socrata for “Integrating Security into the Development Pipeline”.

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