Did You Know Progress Chef Can Maintain Compliance and Cloud Security in SaaS Mode?

A staggering 90% of businesses worldwide use a hybrid IT infrastructure environment consisting of on-premises, multi-cloud and legacy devices and services. This approach offers a multitude of tangible benefits, providing heightened control, flexibility, scalability, security and business continuity. It also enables them to migrate workloads to and from multiple public clouds and private clouds or even on-premises.

Do the teams at your organization identify with this infrastructure paradigm? If so, you should know that the security landscape for cloud environments has evolved significantly over the past five years, presenting formidable challenges.

Recent studies indicate that approximately 75% of cybersecurity professionals perceive the current landscape as the most demanding to date, with only 52% expressing confidence in their organization's readiness to respond effectively to cyber incidents in the next two to three years.

Developing a hybrid cloud environment requires assessing your current state, resources and business needs to develop a new approach to your security strategy. Securing your hybrid environment does not only mean extending your current security strategy to accommodate a few new nodes; you will need to take another look at your enterprise security and modify it to fit your new environment.

However, organizations use a plethora of tools to secure their disparate environments. Without tool integration, maintaining compliance and security across a mix of infrastructure becomes a complex affair. Tool sprawl, lack of interoperability, limited network visibility and an increase in false positives are some of the common challenges faced by organizations with diverse IT environments.

Additionally, there is no single tool that organizations can use to scan for compliance and security on workloads for both on-premises and cloud environments.

As a strategy, you can use the same tool across your multi-cloud environment, preferably one with automation processes for security and compliance. Compliance automation will give your organization the freedom to focus on more important tasks while minimizing errors in applying compliance policies and keeping your system up to date.

Progress Chef for Compliance and Security Automation

Progress Chef Cloud Security and Chef Compliance present a sturdy framework for your organization to automate the auditing, monitoring and detection of misconfigurations across diverse IT infrastructures. This multifaceted solution is designed to enhance your security and compliance posture and is also now available in SaaS mode.

With capabilities such as compliance automation and CSPM, Chef enables your organization to effectively mitigate challenges caused by misconfigurations with a consolidated platform. With Chef, your teams can access this invaluable information through data exports, facilitating integration with various third-party tools such as ServiceNow and Splunk.

Moreover, Chef Compliance and features support your systems in remaining resilient and compliant by continuously auditing for misconfigurations and enforcing compliance measures. Chef facilitates a proactive approach to help you safeguard your digital assets against evolving threats and helps you navigate complex compliance landscapes with ease and confidence. landscapes with ease and confidence.

Let’s see how.

Harnessing Efficiency: Inside Policy as Code with Chef

Chef provides a robust solution using a policy-as-code approach for secure infrastructure automation and compliance management directly on the cloud. With its intuitive platform, it has empowered clients to manage and deploy critical infrastructure that adheres to security and compliance requirements more seamlessly.

The policy-as-code approach consolidates critical functions such as enabling configuration management and compliance into a single process. This helps eliminate the need for disparate security tools and processes by facilitating the integration of all functions into a shared pipeline.

Nearly every organization operates within a unique set of policies and guidelines often dictated by various regulatory standards. Implementing these policies can be a daunting task as they are documented in human-readable formats such as PDFs, Excel sheets or Word documents.

Chef minimizes this complexity by compiling policies from diverse sources into a consumable, unambiguous format akin to source code. This transformation enables more seamless implementation of policies with just one click, verifying adherence to regulatory standards and bolstering security protocols across the board.

Furthermore, to support security and help expedite compliance and security, Chef offers a library of meticulously curated premium content that is Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) certified. By providing access to certified content, Chef empowers you to effortlessly create, modify and extend these codified policies to suit their specific business requirements.

In essence, Chef empowers your organization to wield the full potential of policy as code, enabling agile, efficient and customized compliance automation and security management tailored to your unique business needs.

But did you know that all these features are available in SaaS mode, too?

If you are wondering if Chef SaaS is for you, please watch this webinar: SaaS vs On-Prem - Choosing the Right Security Tooling for Your Organization.

Unlocking the Compliance and Security Advantage with Chef

With Progress Chef SaaS enabled for CSPM and compliance automation, you can have a unified view of your security and compliance posture across different on-premises, cloud and container environments in one intuitive interface. This centralized platform empowers you with unparalleled visibility and control, enabling seamless management and monitoring of your entire IT ecosystem.

Chef also offers a specialized focus for your Kubernetes containers. You can configure file permissions and ownership of each kubelet and use image scanning for compliance policies to reduce misconfiguration risks. Our policies are designed to help protect your pods and minimize the admission of any unwanted containers. With this approach, you can trust that your infrastructure is not only being monitored but actively shielded from every angle.

When you embrace technology solutions such as Chef SaaS, you streamline operations and save valuable time and resources. Chef SaaS on-demand automation empowers you to respond dynamically to fluctuating workloads, driving productivity gains and scalability. These features will help you optimize resources and foster long-term success.

In Conclusion

Chef offers visibility over your entire IT landscape and preempts many security issues before they have a chance to cause havoc. While multi-cloud reporting brings all your compliance and security details under one roof, providing a single plane of glass and tailored policies helps create a defense system customized to your unique setup—providing targeted protection exactly where needed.

With Chef, you are not just maintaining compliance and improving the security of your IT ecosystem; you are empowering it to thrive!

To learn more, watch this webinar: SaaS vs On-Prem - Choosing the Right Security Tooling for Your Organization


Advaita Karthik

Advaita Karthik is a Product Marketing Specialist at Progress Chef.