How to Deploy Progress Chef in AWS in 3 Easy Ways

Utilizing the public cloud is common for organizations looking to deploy applications. With this ongoing market trend in mind, the Progress Chef team has noted this and developed our products to be deployed without any trouble.

Chef on AWS Marketplace gives you everything you need to build, deploy and manage your applications and infrastructure at speed. Chef provides an enterprise automation platform enabling developers, operations and security engineers to collaborate effortlessly on delivering application/infrastructure changes and compliance at the speed of business.

Chef is committed to streamlining your journey through the AWS marketplace by ensuring:

  • Easier purchases - Leverage existing cloud budgets to access Chef products.
  • Deployments - Faster procurement processes and easier deployment options.

How can you purchase Chef for an AWS Environment?

There are three simple ways to get Chef in an AWS environment to automate large, complex infrastructures.

  • Private Offers

Purchase Chef Licenses using your AWS dollars with the transaction completed through the marketplace with an offer customized for your needs. Please contact us at [email protected]

  • Chef on AWS Marketplace

Receive all the benefits of Chef Automate in an easy-to-deploy model that lets you manage your upgrade and backup strategy.

  • Chef BYOL Self-Hosting

You can also install Chef Automate on Amazon EC2 instances yourself if you want complete control over your Chef Automate license.

Where to get Chef on Marketplaces?

Chef on AWS Marketplace: The destination for your Chef needs that is certified and optimized to run on AWS.  Chef on AWS > LINK

Additional Resources:

Learn Chef Tutorials: A good way to get started exploring how Chef integrates with AWS is to try out the tutorials on Learn Chef.  In the tutorials, you’ll use Chef to configure a node, check to see if its configuration is up to date, and change that configuration.

AWS  Marketplace Documentation:

Webinar: AWS marketplace: Deploy Chef in Minutes

Information covered in the webinar includes:

  1. What Chef offerings are currently available on AWS Marketplace.
  2. How AWS Credits can help purchase Chef products.
  3. Where to start when you first log into AWS with your Chef product.

Interested in a custom private offer specialized for your needs, we can help.


Manasa C R

Manasa C R is a Marketing Partner Development Specialist at Progress