compliance audits

How To Remediate Compliance Issues Faster With Chef InSpec Parallel?

This blog briefly explains how Chef InSpec Parallel helps in managing scale and auto- remediation of compliance issues.

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Cloud Security 101 – Understanding Cloud Security Solutions

Chef Cloud Security solution manages the security posture of cloud assets to help organizations improve their security resilience, reliability, and scalability.

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Streamline Compliance Audits with Waivers

Chef InSpec simplifies the entire compliance audit process through code, making it possible to automate the process. This blog focuses on some advanced features of Chef InSpec, such as waivers, that help streamline compliance audits.

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Compliance Audit and Remediate with a Single Solution - Chef InSpec

Chef InSpec enables on-demand auditing and remediation and gives customers a consolidated view of their organization’s security and compliance status in real-time. This blog post discusses how Chef InSpec can automate and streamline compliance audits and make the software delivery phase less stressful for the dev and test teams.

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