Kameerath Abdul Kareem

Kameerath Abdul Kareem is a Product Marketing Manager at Progress Chef

Did you Know this About Chef Compliance and Chef Cloud Security - Part 3

This blog series showcases the multitude of options available to you with Chef Inspec. In this post, we highlighted how Chef Inspec can be used to create cloud resource packs—specifically for AWS. The ability to write custom controls, create your own controls and use resource packs to obtain pre-defined controls, are several advantages of using Chef Inspec.

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OpenShift Container Security with Chef

OpenShift is a Kubernetes-based platform that helps developers build and deploy containerized applications; it also helps manage development workflows and the entire application lifecycle. While the OpenShift platform has several built-in security features, organizations still need to implement checks and controls to ensure the security of workloads and clusters. In this blog post, we discuss OpenShift - the functionality and security it offers, and how Chef can be used to reinforce OpenShift container security.

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Cloud Security 101 – Understanding Cloud Security Solutions

Chef Cloud Security solution manages the security posture of cloud assets to help organizations improve their security resilience, reliability, and scalability.

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Streamline Compliance Audits with Waivers

Chef InSpec simplifies the entire compliance audit process through code, making it possible to automate the process. This blog focuses on some advanced features of Chef InSpec, such as waivers, that help streamline compliance audits.

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Shift-Left Security Testing with Test Driven Development

Test driven development results in shorter design cycles that help deliver resilient software consistently. By implementing TDD, you continually evaluate business requirements, develop the right tests, and drive good software design. In this blog post, we discuss what test driven development means and how it can help DevTest teams shift left and optimize the software development cycle.

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Compliance Audit and Remediate with a Single Solution - Chef InSpec

Chef InSpec enables on-demand auditing and remediation and gives customers a consolidated view of their organization’s security and compliance status in real-time. This blog post discusses how Chef InSpec can automate and streamline compliance audits and make the software delivery phase less stressful for the dev and test teams.

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Deconstructing Compliance and Security – How is it Different?

The blog discusses how compliance and security differ and how Chef can help you achieve compliance while maintaining a secure infrastructure.

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Automated CI/CD Pipelines with Chef and GitLab

During ChefConf 2021 Online Stephanie Laingen, DevOps Consultant/Software Engineer from TapHere!Technology, presented an informative session on using Chef and GitLab together as part of an Agile Developmet Workflow. This blog post is an overview of the session.

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Shift Left with Chef Compliance

This blog post discusses the security and compliance challenges that create major roadblocks in software delivery and why most organizations find implementing auditing and remediating processes daunting.

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