Chef Infra Best Practices: #5 Using Chef Infra Policyfiles

The fifth installment of the Shape-Up Your Infrastructure Webinar Series – Building Immutable Infrastructure with Policyfiles.   What is a Chef Infra Policyfile  A Chef Infra Policyfile is the simplest method to manage role, environment, and community cookbook data with a single document uploaded to the Chef Infra Server.

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TIMTOWTDI Rides Again – Running Resources on a Limited Schedule

If you’ve been with the Chef Community for a long time, you’ve no doubt gotten caught up in a problem that comes down to “there’s more than one way to do it”.

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Current state clarity, Part 2 – Policyfiles

If you’ve never heard of Policyfiles, you should start by reading Michael Hedgpeth’s excellent Introduction to Policyfiles.

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Policyfiles, Push Jobs, and Provisioning – Clarity on the current state of the Chef ecosystem

The 2016 Chef Community Summit in Seattle brought to light a particular set of concern and confusion in our community around the future of three Chef ecosystem tools: Policyfiles, Push Jobs, and Chef Provisioning.

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