Chef InSpec 6 Licensing Tiers: How to Access the License Keys

Technical blog on how to access License Key with different tiers.

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Setting up Chef Infra and Chef Automate Server

Guidelines on how to install Chef servers on single host and on two standalone machines.

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Why Policyfile and How to Use Them?

Guidelines on how to work with Policyfile

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Automated CI/CD Pipelines with Chef and GitLab

During ChefConf 2021 Online Stephanie Laingen, DevOps Consultant/Software Engineer from TapHere!Technology, presented an informative session on using Chef and GitLab together as part of an Agile Developmet Workflow. This blog post is an overview of the session.

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Shift Left with Chef Compliance

This blog post discusses the security and compliance challenges that create major roadblocks in software delivery and why most organizations find implementing auditing and remediating processes daunting.

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Getting Started with Chef Infrastructure Management in 30 Minutes

Whether you’re new to automation and configuration management or just new to Chef Infrastructure Management Automation, it can be difficult to know just where to begin. Two new how-to videos are now available to walk you through the steps to get you up and running with Chef quickly. Chef Infrastructure Management consists of several components that are critical to any enterprise automation deployment.

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