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Zero-Trust security model is an approach to designing and implementing IT systems, it enforces and reinforces the belief of never trust, always verify. This quick blog provides an outlook on why it is important for success and how you can implement today.

Michelle Sebek Sudeep Charles

Take Control of your Endpoint Configuration Through Automation

Sudeep Charles

Do you have an intriguing DevOps topic to share? A fun, industry-focused story to tell? Here are five reasons why you should send your proposal to be a speaker at ChefConf '22!

Michelle Sebek

Any organization looking to secure their IaC should consider these 5 best practices for securing infrastructure as code.

Kiah Tolliver

ChefConf returns on September 11 to 14 2022 and registration is now open! Learn more about what the three-day hybrid DevSecOps event has in store.

Michelle Sebek

Deployment methods for Chef Automate “High Availability” (HA)

Punit Mundra

Test driven development results in shorter design cycles that help deliver resilient software consistently. By implementing TDD, you continually evaluate business requirements, develop the right tests, and drive good software design. In this blog post, we discuss what test driven development means and how it can help DevTest teams shift left and optimize the software development cycle.

Kameerath Abdul Kareem

Chef InSpec enables on-demand auditing and remediation and gives customers a consolidated view of their organization’s security and compliance status in real-time. This blog post discusses how Chef InSpec can automate and streamline compliance audits and make the software delivery phase less stressful for the dev and test teams.

Kameerath Abdul Kareem

Guidelines on how to start with the Chef journey on the technical side.

Akshay Parvatikar