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Chef InSpec simplifies the entire compliance audit process through code, making it possible to automate the process. This blog focuses on some advanced features of Chef InSpec, such as waivers, that help streamline compliance audits.

Kameerath Abdul Kareem

Guidelines on how to work with InSpec and Docker.

Akshay Parvatikar

Guidelines on how to work on data bags with HTTP endpoint.

Akshay Parvatikar

Enterprises need CSPM tools to power the source of truth for your cloud infrastructure, to report whether the configuration of your resources meets the best practices prescribed by various industry groups.

Sharan Rayakar

This blog discusses what's new in Chef Inspec 5.

Clinton Wolfe

Automate HA is an out of the box, enterprise grade capability which not only supports managing compliance and security grade postures of large infrastructure but also provides flexibility to do it in a cost friendly and optimized way.

Ankur Mundhra Karunesh Kumar

Zero-Trust security model is an approach to designing and implementing IT systems, it enforces and reinforces the belief of never trust, always verify. This quick blog provides an outlook on why it is important for success and how you can implement today.

Michelle Sebek Sudeep Charles

Take Control of your Endpoint Configuration Through Automation

Sudeep Charles

Do you have an intriguing DevOps topic to share? A fun, industry-focused story to tell? Here are five reasons why you should send your proposal to be a speaker at ChefConf '22!

Michelle Sebek