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Release: Chef Client 11.12.2

Ohai folks, We have had 3 regressions for the Chef Client 11.12.0 release that we’ve shipped on Tuesday: CHEF-5198 – Content Length Mismatch against gzip url CHEF-5199 – Unable to preform cookbook upload with any cookbook that has “return” in it. OHAI-562 – Reloading v6 plugins in chef fails (a.k.a.

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Release: Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.2

Ohai folks, Today we’ve released Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.2 with new releases of ohai and mixlib-shellout. Due to a tagging mishap we have skipped 10.32.0. Chef Client 11.12.0 includes ohai 7.0.0 and mixlib-shellout 1.4.0. Chef Client 10.32.2 includes ohai 6.22.0. Important: These releases remediate the recently published OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability (more info here).

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Release Candidates: Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.0

Ohai chefs, Today we’ve shipped release candidates for Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.0. These two releases also include release candidates for ohai & mixlib-shellout. Chef Client 11.12.0 RC1 includes: ohai 7.0.0 RC2 mixlib-shellout 1.4.0 RC1 Chef Client 10.32.0 RC1 includes: ohai 6.22.0.rc.

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Release: Chef Client 11.12.0.alpha.1 with Ohai 7.0.0.rc.0

Ohai chefs, As you know the next major version of Ohai (7.0.0) has been in the release candidate phase for a while now. You can learn about it more in our previous blog post or in Ohai 7 Release Notes.

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Chef Client Patch Release: 11.10.4

Hey folks, With the help of Jon we have identified two regressions in Chef Client 11.10.2: CHEF-5048 & CHEF-5052. Today we’ve released a new version 11.10.4 which fixes these two regressions. If you are using application cookbook, you will run into issues similar to the one below if you are using 11.10.0 or 11.10.2.

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Chef Client Release: 11.10.2 & 10.30.4

Ohai folks, Today we’ve released two new versions of Chef Client; 11.10.2 and 10.30.4. These releases include the fix for the recently reported security vulnerability in libyaml that is explained here.

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Chef Client 11.10.0 Release

Ohai chefs, Today we are releasing Chef Client 11.10.0. This release contains some bug fixes and lots of contributions from our awesome community. Check out our release notes for the highlights of this release. This release’s MVP is Nikhil Benesch with his fix for CHEF-4725.

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Ohai 7.0 Release Candidate

Ohai chefs, Today we are making available a release candidate for the next major version of Ohai. This release (Ohai 7.0) sets us up for future improvements by resolving current architectural limitations, which will make it easier to build custom plugins.

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Release: Chef Client 10.30.2 & 11.8.2 / mixlib-shellout 1.3.0

Ohai Chefs, Today we are releasing 10.30.2 & 11.8.2 of Chef Client as well as 1.3.0 of mixlib-shellout. Release highlights for 10.30.2 & 11.8.2: Omnibus packages of 10.30.2 & 11.8.2 now include ruby version 1.9.3-p484. This ruby version includes a fix to a published security vulnerability in Ruby. Check this for more details. 10.30.2 & 11.8.

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Release: Chef Client 11.8.0 & Ohai 6.20.0

Hey Chefs, Today is an exciting day. We are announcing Chef Client 11.8.0 & Ohai 6.20.0. Here are the biggest highlights of these releases: Chef Client Local Mode Chef Client now has a local mode in which it can run 100% locally using a chef repository.

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