Chef Announcements: New Products and Portfolio Enhancements

Today Chef announced several new products and significant enhancements to the Chef portfolio during our ChefConf Online event. While things certainly have been different from past ChefConf events, we are energized by our community and customers, and we remain committed to helping them succeed. We are delivering products aligned to the workloads our customers value, we continue to make it easier for a wider range of skills to collaborate through our products, and we are building more features and integrations that raise the value of Chef technology in enterprise environments. Announcements include:

  • Introducing Chef Compliance – Chef Compliance is a new product that closes the loop from audit to remediation. Built on proven Chef technology, such as Chef InSpec, Chef Compliance adds all new remediation content and capabilities to make it easy to maintain compliance across the enterprise.
  • Introducing Chef Desktop – Chef Desktop is a new product to help IT resource managers automate deployment, management, and compliance of laptop, desktop, and kiosk workstation fleets. It applies proven Chef technology and “as code” automation in an easy to use, purpose-built offering.
  • Enhanced Application Delivery – our application delivery portfolio now includes improved analytics and advanced automation capabilities for defining, packaging and delivering applications. We’ve made rapid rollback easier and added layered container support, both of which make application delivery at the edge easier and less error prone.
  • Chef Workstation, including Upgrade Lab – Chef Workstation now includes Upgrade Lab, which makes upgrades from older versions of Chef Infra Client much easier.
  • ServiceNow CMDB integration – integration between Chef and ServiceNow CMDB is available for free through the ServiceNow Store.
  • Learn Chef learning platform – free on-demand training in an all new learning experience with new and updated courses, and hands-on labs covering the Chef portfolio.

We are excited about the innovation this represents and the outcomes our customers are achieving. As more organizations become Coded Enterprises and successfully execute their digital transformation initiatives, Chef will continue making it easier and easier to gain value without even having to write code. We hope you take advantage of these new products and features, and we look forward to working together!


Dan Hauenstein

Dan was the Vice President of Product Marketing at Chef, helping companies understand Chef so they can achieve speed and outpace the competition. He spent 20 years in strategy, marketing, and enablement roles in the enterprise software space at companies including Hortonworks, IBM, Micromuse, and McKinsey & Co. Throughout his career he’s tried to make complicated subjects easy to understand, mainly by boiling them down to three bullet points.