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Achieving Excellence in DevOps: The Executive Chef Certification Journey

The Executive Chef Certification is an advanced certification provided under the Learn Chef Certify program. Practitioners with deep and extensive experience with Progress Chef in architecting, operations writing cookbooks, pipelines, Chef InSpec and troubleshooting are good candidates to write this exam. This article is a personal account of the journey of achieving this certification.

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Discover the All-New Learn Chef: Master the Art of DevSecOps Automation

Learn Chef is migrating from its current web property to a new Progress Education Community from the current platform. This blog explains the reasons, features, and benefits for customers.

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Launching Ruby Courses on Learn Chef

The Ruby programming language has been around for more than two decades. It constantly features on the TIOBE Index, Stack Overflow Developer Survey, and GitHub State of the Octoverse as a popular programming language. While the last decade has seen hundreds of new programming languages emerge (and wither, for some), Ruby remains popular and relevant.

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Test Your Chef Knowledge with the Chef Principles Certification

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new Chef-approved certification program: Chef Principles.  This certification exam was built from the ground up to test your knowledge of Chef OSS tools, products, and solutions. It also provides a measuring stick against modern DevOps practices that we encourage within our community.

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Begin Your DevSecOps Journey on Learn Chef

For some time now, Learn Chef has been the destination of choice for IT ops practitioners to learn how to expand their DevOps skill sets. Whether it be learning about securing your infrastructure, managing a fleet of IT resources, or consistently delivering applications, Learn Chef has you covered.

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Learn About IT Resources Management with Chef Desktop on Learn Chef

Automation has become the modern cornerstone of IT resource management. The days of manually managing hundreds or thousands of desktops and laptops are long gone. Or are they? The reality is many organizations are still dealing with a mish-mash of legacy processes for deploying, managing, and securing large fleets of IT resources.

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Chef Announcements: New Products, Content, and Learning Resources

This week Progress Software announced a number of new capabilities across the Chef portfolio meant to accelerate time to value for our customers. With the acquisition close earlier this month, Chef became part of Progress and adds DevSecOps capabilities and expertise that help organizations succeed with their digital efforts.

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The Pathway to a New World Skills Validation Program

About a year ago, I talked about how we were going to refresh the Chef Certification program, and the need to update it to match our modernised product line up.  Since then a lot has happened, both at Chef Software and in the world in general.

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Learn Chef in a Whole New Way

Today at ChefConf Online we took the wraps off Learn Chef, our new online learning platform for the Chef community. Three years ago we launched Learn Chef Rally, which brought together our online training in a single, no-cost offering.

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