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Cumulus = Linux OS for Networking w/Chef support

A cool new approach to networking has emerged today as our friends at Cumulus Networks emerged from stealth-mode to unveil the first Linux OS for datacenter networking. GigaOM had this to say: “Super-stealthy startup Cumulus Networks has launched with what could be a hot property in the burgeoning world of open networking gear.

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Stop Shaving the Yak – Mandi Walls Kicks Off Velocity 2013

As many of you know, Opscode has a solid presence down at Velocity 2013, and thanks to the good folks at Data Center Knowledge, we have a live report of what our first of three speakers, the awesome Mandi Walls, had to say this morning: “All three of the morning sessions were jam-packed, with literally […]

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Coding Your Business in the Cloud – Insights from Message Bus and PagerDuty

Continuing our series of #ChefTalks customer videos about the journey to becoming a coded business, this morning we published two more videos to Opscode’s YouTube Channel.

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Awesome Chefs: BranchOut Manages 30 Million Users w/Hosted Chef + AWS

If you read this blog, you’ve no doubt seen us profile what our customers are achieving with Opscode Chef. However, past posts have at times glossed over some of the coolest parts of our customers’ stories.

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Opscode @Velocity Next Week

Headed to Velocity 2013 next week? Then join Opscode and thousands of peers, friends new and old, and really smart people in learning, socializing, and sharing best practices for moving business faster in a web-driven world.

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In the News: The Phoenix Project; Current State of App Dev

Some more interesting ‘news’ tidbits today, including: – Cool interview w/Kevin Behr, co-author of The Phoenix Project, over at – First in a series of blogs on the current (and exciting) state of app dev from Sonatype CTO Jason van Zyl at Computerworld. Happy reading.

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“You just put the code in. Chef takes care of it.” – Chef + Berkshelf @Riot Games

For the third installment of our new #ChefTalks customer video series, we interviewed Jamie Winsor, a newly minted Awesome Chef, the author of Berkshelf, and Software Engineer at Riot Games.

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“At some point you have to deal with reality.” – Chef for Config Mgmt @Facebook

As most of you in the Community already know, Facebook uses Opscode Private Chef to automate configuration management for its ‘Carl Sagan big’ infrastructure. That’s very cool, but also pretty widely known. Today, we published a new angle to the story.

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“We have Unix engineers now happily automating Windows” – Chef + Cultural Change @Nordstrom

Today we launched a new series of Chef testimonial videos offering varied and unique perspectives on the journey to becoming a coded business. The first of these #ChefTalks videos features Rob Cummings, infrastructure engineer at Nordstrom, discussing how to level-up change in your organization.

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In the News – Red Hat Roadmap, E-Commerce Booming

Need some weekend reading? We recommend checking out SearchDataCenter‘s interview with Red Hat’s director of software engineering Denise Dumas, detailing roadmap plans for RHEL. Meanwhile InfoWorld looks at Red Hat’s new Software Collections 1.0, featuring new versions of Ruby and Python for RHEL.

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