Sudeep Charles

Sudeep Charles is a Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Progress. Over a career spanning close to two decades, Sudeep has held various roles in product development, product marketing, and business development for Cybersecurity, Fintech, and Telecom enterprises. Sudeep holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.

What is Zero Trust, and Why Should We Care?

Zero-Trust security model is an approach to designing and implementing IT systems, it enforces and reinforces the belief of never trust, always verify. This quick blog provides an outlook on why it is important for success and how you can implement today.

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Pick up your Automation Strategy by Codifying your Endpoint Fleet

Take Control of your Endpoint Configuration Through Automation

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Applying DevOps Principles in Managing Endpoints

A DevOps Checklist for Managing Your Endpoint Devices

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Are Scripts Slowing Down System Admins? Codify Your Fleet Instead!

Chef codifies your IT resource fleet in a way that automates configuration of diverse complicated systems, while also defining security and compliance standards as human-readable code. It allows quick packaging and distribution of applications across diverse settings.

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Gain Control & Visibility into Your Linux Laptop

An all-in-one solution for managing your Linux fleet

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Manage Endpoint Compliance as Code

Redefining endpoint compliance by codifying your fleet

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Fleet Automation for Windows, Linux and Mac Systems with Chef

Take control of your heterogeneous endpoint configurations through Chef Desktop

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Managing Your Endpoint State as Code

Ace your fleet management game with Chef Desktop!

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Introducing Chef SaaS Beta: Join the program!

To make IT fleet management easier, we introduced Chef SaaS Beta– a solution for infrastructure and compliance management that runs on the cloud. All the proven on-premises Chef offerings, now on the cloud, with Chef SaaS.

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Manage Your IT Resource Fleet at Scale Through Automation

The digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic has led organizations to rethink their initiatives and plan newer, advanced means to address challenges associated with business service delivery and seamless customer experiences as business complexities and user expectations grow.

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