What the Global Technical Support Teams Can Do for You

Comprising of a mixed team of Progress Chef Technical Support Engineers and Product Specialists, the Chef Global support team is eager to support you. Whether you have a few questions about the Chef products themselves or have a product in need of some fixing, there is a wide range of subjects and scenarios the Global Technical Support team can lend their expertise to. 

One of the reasons why Chef Support remains efficient at their jobs is how they conduct a root cause analysis. Instead of taking extra time to talk with other departments at a company, Chef Support directly works side-by-side with your team. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our Support program, the team itself and more, read on below. 

What do Chef users think about our Support team? The results may or may not surprise you.

Chef has received the Best Support for Enterprise Winter 2023 from G2, based on real reviews from real Chef Support users. The Chef support team has earned a 4.67 Customer Service Rating (CSAT) out of five. While we are certainly proud of these accomplishments from G2, what we appreciate most is what our customers have to say about our support team. 

"The Progress Chef team is responsive and reachable. They react to concerns and are always ready to help. The tools are best-of-breed and are constantly being improved."  

 - Chris T., Program Manager for Software Defined Radio Systems  

"Chef opens the door for working with new technologies with a good toolset, good docs, support, and community. Chef is great to work with from a developer standpoint." 

 - Bart V., Automation Engineer

Chef Global Technical Support includes tech and product support, as well as access to knowledge databases.

Support is available for all accounts with an active service agreement during local business hours, specified in the purchase agreement. Chef offers two levels of Support to our Customers. The first response time for Severity 1-4 cases can vary depending on the support level, Premium or Standard.  

  • Progress Chef Premium Support: For this, the highest level of support, Progress Chef, will prioritize cases about the Supported Applications under the following table. Severity 1 follow-up may include phone and video conferencing support as needed.

  • Progress Chef Standard Support: For the Standard level of support, Progress Chef will prioritize cases about the Supported Applications described in our Service Level Agreement chart. https://www.chef.io/service-level-agreement

Product Support 

The Chef Support Team Knowledge Base is a product information repository to help you find the correct answer quickly.  Included within Product Support: 

  • Product Guidance & Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot warnings, errors, and exceptions within Chef products

  • Analyze customer logs of errors

  • Narrowing down the cause of issues: EOL product, invalid data, incorrect configuration, and others

  • Diagnose defects and escalate to our Engineering Team

  • Provide documentation to assist with product issues, upgrades, installations, and migrations

Chef Support is always available for your IT and DevOps teams. 

Chef Support will be able to provide whatever technical or product support is required for your organization. After reading about our program above, you can understand why our many users appreciate our customer-first mentality. 

Convinced by the user reviews above? Request a demo for Chef here.  

Read more about how our Global Support team can assist you with specific tasks here


Michelle Sebek

Michelle was a senior product marketing manager for Chef.

Terrie Butcher

Terrie is a Director, Global Technical Support at Progress Chef