Chef Product Launches, Roadmaps, and Webinars ohmy!

We’ve had a couple of big events in the last month, and I wanted to make sure you saw them! 

Infra Client 17 Launch 

At the end of April, we hosted our Chef Infra Client 17’s Virtual Launch, and registration for that event blew away all of our previous webinars. It was so exciting for us to see all of the engagement there.

We put a lot of work into making sure it was useful for everyone who attended and even got to share a pet project: our 2020 Community of Contribution video. While there were a few folks that got a sneak peek before the event, and it was an absolute delight to share with everyone. 

In case you didn’t see the event and missed my blog post about it, the Community Recognition Program also launched this year. We are working to make sure folks who contribute at any level are recognized. If you contributed last year and missed the email from me, feel free to reach out! We are sending out a small token (I mean, who doesn’t love stickers?!) and inviting folks to participate in some feedback sessions with our leadership team. 

Community Roadmap Webinars 

We’ve also kicked off our regular roadmap update webinars. In case you missed the first one, you can get access to the recording by signing up for it on our site. You can also register for the June roadmap webinar by signing up here.  

Shape Up your Infra Webinar Series  

In January of this year (anticipating the release of Infra Client 17) we kicked off a series of short webinars on updating your infrastructure management. First saw Tim Smith talking about the power of Cookstyle for Infra Client upgrades, then updating your configuration practices, and finally testing your cookbooks with docker. On May 19th, Dan Webb, one of the new members of our DevRel team, continued that series by discussing the strength of Custom Resources. Up next we’ll have Jason Field as a guest presenter, and Jonathan Pereira from our DevRel team.  

  • Automated Cookbook Testing with Github Actions 
    • Jason Field 
    • Wednesday, June 9th at 9:30 AM PT/ 12:30 ET / 5:30 PM BST 
    • Sign up here 
  • Building Immutable Infrastructure with Policyfiles 
    • Jonathan Pereira 
    • Wednesday, June 30th at 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 ET / 5:00 PM BST 
    • Sign up here  

If webinars aren’t your thing, we also have a brand new Chef Infra Best Practices ebook

As always, if I can help in any way feel free to reach out via email or find me on our community slack.   

benny Vasquez

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