Chef Automate

Pick up your Automation Strategy by Codifying your Endpoint Fleet

Take Control of your Endpoint Configuration Through Automation

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Web Guide: Resources to Get Started with Your Chef Journey

Guidelines on how to start with the Chef journey on the technical side.

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Chef Workstation with Windows

Guidelines on how to work with Chef with Windows environment.

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How to Automate Multi-Cloud Environment Governance with Chef Compliance

Guidelines on how to work with Multicloud with single Recipe.

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Applying DevOps Principles in Managing Endpoints

A DevOps Checklist for Managing Your Endpoint Devices

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Chef InSpec – Where Compliance and Security Blend into DevOps World

Guidelines on how to start with the Chef InSpec on the technical side.

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Change to Chef Automate Version and Release Numbering

The version number on releases of Chef Automate is changing from a daily build number to SemVer (major-minor) numbering to indicate recommended upgrade points for customers.

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Advanced Remediation Guidance for Elastic Search in Chef Automate 2.0 and Backend

Guidance for users who completed the Chef Backend 2.2.0 migration and are still being alerted by scanning tools that Elastic Search may have a vulnerability.

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Gain Control & Visibility into Your Linux Laptop

An all-in-one solution for managing your Linux fleet

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Manage Endpoint Compliance as Code

Redefining endpoint compliance by codifying your fleet

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