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Supermarket & Berkshelf Outage – Incident Report

On Thursday, August 13, 2015 the Supermarket ( had a partial outage. This outage prevented Berkshelf from downloading cookbook dependencies, prevented users from logging into the Supermarket, and caused a number of AWS OpsWorks lifecycle events to fail. The outage

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Notes from the Lab: Community Cookbooks Survey Results

In the final post in our series on the Community Cookbooks Survey, we turn it over to Nicole to report the results. To catch up on how the project began and the science behind it, see these posts here and

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Notes from the Lab: Developing and Validating the Community Cookbooks Survey

This is the second in a series of posts that tell the behind-the-scenes story of the Chef Community Cookbooks Survey—how the project began, the science behind it, and what the results showed. In this post, we talk to Dr. Nicole

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Notes from the Lab: The Chef Community Cookbooks Survey

At ChefConf 2015, members of the Chef community received an invitation to participate in the Chef Community Cookbooks Survey. The survey was designed by Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Chef’s Director of Organizational Performance and Analytics, who is also a recognized expert

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Greetings from the lab

Ohai, Chefs! This is my first post on the Chef blog, and I’m thrilled to be part of this fantastic community of innovators. It was great to meet so many of you at ChefConf 2015, where I spoke in the

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Awesome Community Chef – Kavita Sachdeva

ChefConf 2015 was awesome for so many reasons, including our first ever Diversity Scholarship program, designed to give those underrepresented in the Chef Community an opportunity to take part in the conference with free passes. Kavita Sachdeva was one of

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Overview of Test Driven Infrastructure with Chef

This post is all about test driven infrastructure with Chef: an overview in testing Chef cookbooks for the current landscape. This post is focused on tools included in ChefDK. Some other tools and projects are mentioned for completeness or historical

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Chef Announces Record Growth as Enterprises Embrace DevOps

Incremental Recurring Revenue Grows 192 Percent and Average Revenue Per New Customer Increases More Than 200 Percent Year-Over-Year in Q4 2014; ChefConf 2015 Convenes Thousands of Developers and IT Leaders; Company Introduces New Flagship Product; Announces DevOps Practice; Launches New

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Adopt a Cookbook

At one point, you had this great idea for a cookbook. You built it, and you shared it with everyone on the Supermarket. You rock! But at some point later on maintaining that cookbook became something that you couldn’t do

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New Supermarket Features: Fieri and Contingent Cookbooks

We’ve got a couple of new features to announce for Supermarket. Fieri The first is a new tab called “Foodcritic” that shows up when you are viewing a cookbook. Now, when you upload a cookbook, Supermarket will make a background

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