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Overview of Test Driven Infrastructure with Chef

This post is all about test driven infrastructure with Chef: an overview in testing Chef cookbooks for the current landscape. This post is focused on tools included in ChefDK. Some other tools and projects are mentioned for completeness or historical

Chef Announces Record Growth as Enterprises Embrace DevOps

Incremental Recurring Revenue Grows 192 Percent and Average Revenue Per New Customer Increases More Than 200 Percent Year-Over-Year in Q4 2014; ChefConf 2015 Convenes Thousands of Developers and IT Leaders; Company Introduces New Flagship Product; Announces DevOps Practice; Launches New

Adopt a Cookbook

At one point, you had this great idea for a cookbook. You built it, and you shared it with everyone on the Supermarket. You rock! But at some point later on maintaining that cookbook became something that you couldn’t do

New Supermarket Features: Fieri and Contingent Cookbooks

We’ve got a couple of new features to announce for Supermarket. Fieri The first is a new tab called “Foodcritic” that shows up when you are viewing a cookbook. Now, when you upload a cookbook, Supermarket will make a background

Getting Started with oc-id and Supermarket

Enterprise Chef 11.2.0 includes oc-id, the OAuth2 service that powers   After upgrading to this release, Chef customers can run their own Supermarket service behind a firewall. oc-id setup: 1: Add the following setting to your /etc/opscode/private-chef.rb configuration file and

Cookbook Dependency API Postmortem

On Tuesday, August 12th at 15:10 UTC, the cookbook dependency API provided by Supermarket became unusable. We are very sorry for this outage and interruption to workflow. In this post, I will explain what happened and the mitigation steps we

New Features on the Supermarket

The Supermarket keeps getting better. In addition to the everyday improvements that we are pushing out all the time, we enabled two big features last week.

Cookbook Hacking: Tomcat

The tomcat cookbook has seen a lot of interest recently and has a relatively large number of pull requests open against it. We want to pare down that number and give the community a chance to help steer the direction

Getting Ready for Chef + PowerShell DSC

Today we’d like to share the Supermarket debut of the PowerShell DSC cookbook for Chef, an early preview of Chef integration with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) on Windows. This cookbook allows you to author recipes using any DSC resources

Managing Users and SSH Keys in a Hybrid World

Managing users is one of the contrived (but applicable) examples we use in Chef Fundamentals training to help onboard new Chefs to the idea of writing data-driven cookbooks. Whenever I run a training class, I typically end that module by