Automate for speed, efficiency, and safety

Chef was built from the ground up with the cloud infrastructure in mind. Chef allows you to dynamically provision and de-provision your infrastructure on demand to keep up with peaks in usage and traffic. It enables new services and features to be deployed and updated more frequently, with little risk of downtime. With Chef, you can take advantage of all the flexibility and cost savings the cloud offers.


Build Repeatable Infrastructure

  • Build or move your entire production infrastructure from bare metal, source control repository, or data backup in minutes.
  • Take advantage of new infrastructure providers offering better latency and cost structures without expensive rewrites.
  • Easily add disaster recovery and business continuity attributes toyour application service model.
  • Take advantage of pre-built community-based cookbooks and recipes


Deploy Swiftly and Safely

  • Automatically test, review, build, and deploy changes to your cloud resources on commit.
  • Catch errors and security issues before they hit production.


Manage Efficiently at any Scale

    • Run the equivalent of thousands of totally isolated independent environments at once from a single Chef instance.
    • Achieve simpler and more economical management and maintenance of your infrastructure.

Make the Most of Your Cloud Strategy

Chef is integrated with all major cloud providers including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, IBM Smartcloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, HP Cloud, Google Compute Engine, and others.

With Chef, reusable code brings your infrastructure and services to life on whatever platform you choose. Chef has dozens of plugins to help you with platform-specific cloud APIs, allowing you to use any cloud provider you choose and easily switch between providers.


Chef Can Help

Whether you’re moving an on-premises or hybrid solution to the cloud, or if you’re starting from scratch, Chef can help you create an effective plan.